Performance Reporting Analyst

Tamer Qafiti joined the Mozaic team in 2022 as a Performance Reporting Analyst. He plays a pivotal role in the company’s financial operations, preparing monthly client investment reports and tracking balances and cash flows across a broad range of investment types. His background in mathematics, finance, economics, and computer science enables him to automate reporting processes and contribute to the overall efficiency and success of the organization. Before joining Mozaic, Tamer began as an Accounting Associate in the healthcare industry, where he made an impact by revolutionizing data management procedures.

Tamer received his B.S. in Mathematics/Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2019. During his time as an undergraduate, Tamer pursued a rigorous coursework that honed his expertise in quantitative analysis and financial principles. Tamer has earned his CFAⓇ Level I badge and plans to pursue Level II in 2023. Alongside his pursuit of greater knowledge in the space of finance, Tamer has also earned certifications in programming languages including C++, Excel VBA, and Python. Beyond his contributions to the Mozaic team, Tamer maintains active affiliations with the UCLA Alumni Association and the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, where he actively contributes as an advisory board member.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, exercising, and traveling with friends and family.

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