100% objectivity

We receive no commissions, rebates, or any form of compensation from banks, brokerage firms, mutual fund families, partnerships or insurance companies — our only compensation is from our clients. As a result, our advice to you is 100% objective and free from the conflicts of interest inherent in the wealth management solutions provided by brokerage firms, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

Access to top-tier investment firms

Because of our extensive experience and our long-term relationships with top-tier investment firms, our clients have access to a wide range of sophisticated investment strategies that are not generally available to individual high net worth investors. We conduct extensive quantitative and qualitative due diligence on each strategy used on our investment platform, including onsite visits and checking references both formally and informally through our global network of contacts.

Customization and personalization

High touch and personally tailored customer service is our hallmark. We think about our clients’ wealth and financial matters in the same way that they do, and will communicate with them in language that is understandable and accessible. We encourage our clients to be highly involved at all times and customize our solutions and service for each unique client relationship.

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